SubFire Player

SubFirePlayer is a pure HTML5 audio player, implemented in JQueryMobile, for theĀ SubSonic personal media streamer. It is available as a web application, as an application available on the Amazon store for the Fire Stick and Fire TV platforms (as well as Android and the Kindle Fire HD), and as a Chrome hosted app. See the links above for how to install or use it.

The blog will discuss both new features and the occasional technical detail. More explicit technical matters on the implementation are presented on my development blog.

The code will eventually be released under an MIT license. I'm currently storing it at bitbucket, but may choose to move it to github if there's enough demand.

There is no general Android version at present. The Amazon app submission process removed the ability to upload a web app as a .zip, which would require me to submit a .apk instead. This would cause too many hassles. At present I am just holding on to it (the regular Android client is quite acceptable, and there are several others to choose from), but I may pursue either Google Play or Samsung's store to support Android TV and Samsung's Smart TV's, though I'll need a way to test it first...The Web version works in both Chrome 40 (with one bug - the 'current time' doesn't update), and the Android browser for versions >= 4.2, so you can always load it that way and save a bookmark on a page on your device. It also works ok on Safari for IOS.

Please send any feedback through the support app.