So just how many ways can you run SubFire?


  • As a web page, mobile
  • As a web page, desktop
  • As a desktop app, Marketplace-installed or self-installed (deprecated)
  • As a mobile app (Android tested), Marketplace-installed or self-installed (deprecated)
  • As an app in FirefoxOS (not working for me just yet...)


  • As a web page, desktop
  • As a web page, mobile (broken)
  • As a desktop app from Chrome webstore


  • As a web page in default browser (works ok, not great)
  • As a web page in Chrome (broken)
  • As a web page in Firefox
  • The manifest exists to allow this to run full-screen/own-task if you Add Page to Home. Chrome supports it now, Firefox should soon (hopefully before the app version is deprecated). The native browser does not at this time.
  • As a Firefox-installed app (deprecated)
  • As a side-loaded apk (not publicly released - a PhoneGap Build version works fine for Android 4, broken like Chrome for Android 5; the Amazon-generated apk works but won't play music in the background, since the FireTV version has that requirement.)
  • Running ancient 0.4 version from Amazon app store (not recommended)


  • As a web page in Silk
  • Install application from Amazon app store (tablet, phone, and tv)


  • As a web page in Safari (works ok, not great)
  • As a web page in Firefox (not tested)
  • As a Firefox-installed app (not tested)

 Where would I like to go next?

  • Chromecast support (it works, but is slow, and subject to overscan issues)
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Android TV - neither will happen without a UI refresher to something a little closer to Material Design, but I don't want to go into that direction 'til i'm sure where FireOS 5's going to go, design-wise.

I'm not likely to look for full IOS (too many competitors that are better) or Roku (the 2 apps there are very good as well). WD is too old to bother.