1.2 Updates now supporting Firefox Apps

Posted by jwsadmin on January 8, 2016

Some minor updates to usability, but the big update now is that SubFire can be installed as an app via Firefox, for desktop and mobile. When running the app in the Firefox browser, look for the action button (next to refresh) in the upper right corner. You can click it to install the app directly onto your desktop or device.

Uninstall it by going through the normal application uninstall process:

  • OSX: just remove the .app file from your /Applications
  • Windows: uninstall the app through the control panel
  • Android: uninstall the app through Applications Manager

After I fix a few usability things (the 'zoom' that is broken for buttons in windows > 1441 wide, for example), I'll see about installing through the Firefox Marketplace.

One thing of note is that Firefox does not have the "currentTime" bugs that Chrome (>39) for Android has, which means that the music generally plays correctly. You may need to hit the 'Play' button to get things started even after loading a queue/album, but I'll see if I can fix that in the next few weeks.

I do not have a Firefox OS device at this time to see how it handles things.