1.4.4 - Fixes, Enhancements, and Internet Radio

Posted by jwsadmin on February 1, 2016

Some rapid releases in the last couple of weeks.

1.4.2 - Removed some hacky attempts to resolve the problem of "currentTime" not working in Chrome for Android, which were causing odd side effects in the Fire and Firefox versions. Modified a couple of icons.

1.4.3 - Chrome 48 made changes to window.history (for apps only; web works fine) that seriously broke things. These have been worked around. - Cosmetic improvements to the FireTV version, particularly for 720p screens. Firefox for Android now has notifications. The album list for an artist is now cached so exiting the player should be faster.

1.4.4 - A beta release for internet radio stations support. Works with Radionomy streams at least. Haven't tried with other services yet.

1.4.5 - I decided to make the radio mode optional. If you don't need it, it won't use up space on the navbar. A simple click of an icon at the top will turn it on. - fixes to artist-browsing. fixes to general routing and history. http://subfireplayer.net/p now works correctly as it should, just like http://p.subfireplayer.net/.