1.5.0 - FireTV now has a screensaver

Posted by jwsadmin on February 21, 2016

So on Fire TV/Stick, if you left it idle, Amazon's built-in screensaver would kick in, eventually putting the device to sleep unless you explicitly hit a key on the remote. I wasn't too fond of that, though admittedly, I like the pictures on my albums in Amazon's cloud drive.

Unfortunately, it is all-or-nothing. I can't allow the screen saver without letting it idle the box to sleep. So I opted to add my own. Basically simple  right now, it moves the artwork image around through the 4 corners of the screen, along with the clock and the ID3 info (plus time and duration).

In the 4th corner, i expect to add info from last.fm or the comments you might have on the song, album, or artist in your system. I should have that done later this week. In addition (if you have 6.0's beta), I will add the last.fm album info.