1.6.1 and 1.7

Posted by jwsadmin on May 3, 2016

1.6.1 has been out for some time now, but kinda went without announcement here. Sorry...

  • If the notification system supports a play/pause (Chrome 50 w/ a flag enabled does), the app's play/pause button correctly handles the switch.
  • To reduce repetition in the screensaver's Artist/Album info text, I've added a "similar artists" page as well as some empty pages.
  • If a track is longer than one hour long, its minutes will be correctly shown.
  • Empty playlists will not be listed

1.7 has been released for the web and Chrome webstore

Main updates:

  • Ability to filter the Artist page by the Music Folder (6.0 servers only)
  • Handling Error code '41': using enc: based authentication for LDAP users that can't use md5 token-based
  • Fix icon for Chrome-Android "Add To Home Page" feature
  • Removed the Firefox "Install as App" feature, as Firefox has removed it on their end

With Chrome 50 for Android, it is now possible to turn on some chrome:flags to get MUCH improved performance and accuracy, working around some bad bugs in the WebView Audio tag for Chrome 40-49 (and 50 without the flags). These have no effect on Chrome for the Desktop (nor, I think Chrome for IOS).

  • In the address bar, enter chrome://flags
  • Find in page: "unified" in order to find "Enables the unified media pipeline on Android", and enable that. What it does is tell Chrome to use the same media playback engine as the Desktop version does, instead of the buggy original one that only worked correctly with VBR files.
  • Optional: scroll back to the top and find in page: "Gesture" in order to find "Gesture requirement for media playback. Android normally blocks the audio tag from running as a result of a background javascript action, partly to keep bad sites and advertisements from bursting forth sound unexpectedly. This results in the browser always waiting for the user to do something before it plays unless the app is in the foreground. For a set it and leave it music app, this can be frustrating. By changing this, the browser will work like the Desktop version and immediately play the next track as the last one ends. Granted, this runs the risk of other websites automatically playing media, and if you have a limited data plan, that may not be desired, so use this one at your own discretion.

I do not know at what point the unified pipeline will be accepted into the main Android release without the need for the flag, which once done, would give this same optimization to the regular Android browsers like Samsung's, and eventually FireOS. The Gesture one will probably always be optional, given the risk involved in bandwidth costs for limited data plans.

I will submit 1.7 to Amazon after I test the new artist-folder feature on the FireTV with the remote control. Hopefully by the end of the week...

In addition, don't forget to give SubFireRadio a try. It now supports weighted generators.