SubFire 1.8.5 and SubFire Radio 1.1

Posted by jwsadmin on July 20, 2016

SubFire Radio 1.1 was posted, which includes some new station-level settings (tags, max songs, and "block artist". The latter allows one to program a "block party" type of station/playlist, akin to radio stations that do block party weekends or two-for-tuesdays (yeah, that was pretty common back in the 80s).

SubFire 1.8.5 allows SubFire's own generator to use the same feature. In addition, stations are sorted by the tags with headers. Previous updates added a "skip to next album" button, and full-screen mode support for Firefox on Android.

Minor start-up hiccup: first time you go to 'Radio', it may appear empty. Simply flip to another tab (Artist, Albums, Folders), then up to 'Refresh' (upper right corner), then you can go back to Radio tab and it should work. I've no idea what the cause is, because it only ever happens *once*. Once it is right on an environment, it seems to stay right.