Version 1.1.0 for Web, Chrome

Posted by jwsadmin on December 10, 2015

A major update for SubFire for the Web and for the Chrome app has been pushed, 1.1.0.

This fixes a number of annoying issues:

  • Clicking anywhere would cause a tiny border to appear around the whole window.
  • Hitting an empty folder would cause it to bounce back 'twice'.

Adds the following minor features:

  • Cover art urls are now cached, even when using the md5 hash, including the 'blobs' generated for the Chrome app.
  • The Year is now rendered in the folder browsing view, when available.

And adds the major new feature, Artists. You can now browse through by the Artist ID3 field. Viewing an artist's page gives you the list of all albums they are on, and allows you to play the top songs (if using a 5.3 server) and even generate a random playlist of similar artists' music (if using a 5.0 or greater server).

The Fire TV/Tablet version will be coming soon, once I've had a chance to test and fix any issues with remote control navigation.